Prepaid Legal Membership Benefits

Preventive Legal Services

  • Phone Consultations on Unlimited Matters
As a member, you can consult with your Provider Law Firm toll free by phone on any personal or business-related matter. Just call your Provider's toll-free number during regular business hours when you have a legal problem or question.
  • Phone Calls and Letters...
A phone call or letter from your Provider Lawyer can get you the results you want fast. Your Provider Lawyer will recommend a letter or phone call when that is the best step for you. Up to three preventive letters or telephone calls are available per membership year, with no more than two being related to the same legal subject matter. Additional assistance for same subject at 25% discount.
  • Contract and Document Review...
You can have an unlimited number of any legal documents, up to ten pages each, reviewed by your Provider Lawyer.
  • Wills for You and Your Family...
A Will for you, and any other covered person, at no additional charge, not just a "simple" Will, but one that meets most Americans' needs. Trust preparation is available at a 25% discount.
  • Warranty Assistance...
Today too many Americans buy products that don't work -- washing machines that are defective in some way or automobile windows that won't roll up. Your Pre-Paid Provider Attorney will make preventive phone calls and write letters on your behalf to help you with warranty issues.
  • Review Leases and Other Documents...
Landlord/tenant disputes are commonplace today, and a properly worded and executed lease is your best protection. Let your Provider Lawyer review the lease on your primary residence before you sign it. Have questions about one you have already signed? Fax it to your Provider Lawyer for an explanation.
  • Assistance in Contacting Government Agencies...
It can be very confusing knowing which government agency you need to talk to. Should you, for example, talk to Social Security or Medicare? Call your Pre-Paid Legal Provider Lawyer for assistance.
  • Living Will Preparation...

Your Provider Lawyer will prepare your living will. Now you can inform your caregivers about your preferences regarding end-of-life treatment.
  • Health Care Proxy...
Your Provider Lawyer will prepare a document that permits you to appoint someone to make medical decisions for you when you become unable to make them for yourself.
  • Debt Collection Review and Advice...
If your Provider Lawyer agrees you have a valid and recoverable debt, he or she will give you preferred contingency fees for collection litigation as a Pre-Paid Legal member. Your Provider Lawyer fees will not exceed 25% in a debt collection case. Debt collection letters will be prepared for you at no charge.
  • Personal Financial Alternatives Review...
Your lawyer will provide the following benefits on an "unlimited" basis prior to the filing of a court action. Coverage includes:
  • Personal/joint bankruptcy
  • Out-of-court arrangements
  • Out-of-court settlements
  • Tenant Review and Advice...

  • Lease of property for personal use
  • Problems arising with landlord's failure to provide proper and necessary services to the tenant
  • Small Claims Court Advice...
You may need to file a claim in small claims court or you may be sued in small claims court. While your Provider Lawyer cannot represent you in small claims court, he or she will be available to discuss your claim with you over the phone and counsel you on how to prepare your case.
  • Consumer Protection Benefits...
Your Provider Lawyer will write preventive letters and make phone calls on your behalf to a third party when you need to enforce written or implied warranties or promises related to the lease or purchase of goods or services.
  • Legal Advice in Matters Relating to Social Security, Medicare and Veteran's Benefits...

Your Provider Lawyer will advise you in matters involving Social Security, Medicare, and Veteran's Benefits. Now you have a lawyer on your side when problems or questions arise with these benefits.
  • Legal Advice on Settlement of an Estate...
Help ease the worry so often involved with the settlement of an estate by having your Provider Lawyer available to answer questions.
* Additional Information & Exclusions

Motor Vehicle Legal Expense Services

  • Minor Legal Expenses...
Your Provider Lawyer will represent you or your covered family members against moving traffic violations. A $25 minimum fee is required for each occurrence. Now you can have help with traffic tickets and not have to worry about the cost of representation.
  • Major Legal Expenses...
Your Provider Lawyer will defend you or your covered family members when you are charged with Manslaughter, Involuntary Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide, or Vehicular Homicide at a rate of $49 per hour.
And add up to 2.5 hours for help with..
  • Damage recovery service
  • Driver's license assistance
  • Driver's License Recovery...
Your Provider Lawyer will assist you and your covered family members with driver's license reinstatement at a rate of $50 per case.
  • Personal Injury and Property Damage Claims...
You'll also receive assistance with collection of personal injury or property damage claims of $2,000 or less resulting from driving, riding in or being struck by any motor vehicle or boat, at a rate of $50 per case.
* Additional Information & Exclusions

Trial Defense Services

You and your spouse will be represented by your Provider Lawyer if either of you is named defendant or respondent in a covered civil or job-related criminal action filed in court. You'll receive representation under this benefit for $49 per hour for covered suits.
* Additional Information & Exclusions

IRS Audit Legal Services

Pre-Paid Legal Services takes the bite out of an IRS audit! When you are notified in writing of an IRS audit or are requested to appear at the IRS about your tax return, you'll receive representation under this benefit for $49 per hour for covered suits. Your 50 hours break down to:
1 hour for consultation, advice and assistance when notified of an audit
2.5 hours if a settlement is not reached in 30 days. Available for representation, negotiations, conferences, telephone conversations, and settlement conferences prior to litigation
46.5 hours if a settlement is not reached without litigation and the IRS sues you, or you pay the disputed tax and sue the IRS
* Additional Information & Exclusions

Contingency Fee Services

(Personal injury claim review and evaluation/recommendations) If your Provider Lawyer agrees you have a case worthy of pursuing, he or she will be paid only a percentage of what you ultimately collect. We often hear of people who win a lawsuit but walk away with virtually nothing because the award is eaten up by lawyer fees. This scenario will not happen to you as a Pre-Paid Legal member. Your Provider Lawyer fees will not exceed 25% in a personal injury case.
* Additional Information & Exclusions

Other Legal Services

Your Provider Lawyer will render assistance at a 25% reduction to his or her standard hourly rate* for you or your spouse should you need legal services not covered by this plan. A retainer may be required for services being rendered under this benefit. Five days are required for preparation for court representation.
*Hourly rates for Referral Lawyers and court appearances may vary.

Additional Information & Exclusions

The Legal Shield

The Legal Shield provides you with 24-hour toll-free access to legal assistance in the event you are arrested or detained. The Legal Shield is easy to use and something no one should be without. A quick call to the toll-free number puts you in touch with the Pre-Paid Legal Corporate Office who will then put you in contact with your Provider Law Firm.
* Additional Information & Exclusions

Additional Information & Exclusions:
Due to regulatory requirements, benefits and rates vary in certain states and provinces. The information contained on this material is for illustrative purposes only and is not a contract. It is intended to provide a general overview of plan coverage; only a plan contract can give actual terms, coverage, amounts, conditions and exclusions.
Letters and Phone Calls: A letter or phone call per subject matter is available if advisable in your Provider Law Firm's sole discretion.
Will Preparation: Trust preparation is available at a 25% discount. A standard Will with yearly updates provided for the primary member at no additional cost. Covered family members can also have their Will prepared at no additional cost.
Motor Vehicle Legal Services: These services are available 15 days after enrollment. Representation under this benefit is provided when the member has a valid driver's license and is driving a properly licensed motor vehicle. Any fines and court costs are the member's expense. Pre-existing conditions, charges of DUI/DWI related matters, drug-related matters, hit-and-run related charges, leaving the scene of an accident, and unmeritorious cases are excluded. Commercial vehicles with more than two axles are not covered. These services are limited to two and one-half (2-1/2) hours of lawyer time per claim and do not include the filing of a lawsuit and exclude personal injury and property claims that exceed $2,000. However, you may receive a 25% discount and consult with your Provider Law Firm under the toll-free consultation benefit for any exclusions under this benefit.
Trial Defense Services: This coverage applies only to the named member and spouse. Divorce, separation, annulment, child custody or other divorce-related matters, bankruptcy, charges of DUI/DWI, drug-related matters (whether prescribed or not), hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident and civil or criminal charges occurring as a result of operating a commercial vehicles with more than two axles are not covered under this benefit, but are covered by the preferred member discount. Additional exclusions under this benefit: Being named in a civil lawsuit or having criminal charges filed against you because you are listed as an owner, management or associate of the business and you had no direct involvement with the act or matter that gave rise to the lawsuit or criminal charge. Those charges are covered with your preferred member discount. If the lawsuit was filed because of something that occurred prior to your membership or because of conditions that were reasonably anticipated or foreseeable prior to your enrollment, then the lawsuit is excluded from your Trial Defense benefit. This exclusion applies even if the lawsuit is filed after you become a member. These lawsuits are covered with your preferred member discount. Class actions, interventions or amicus curiae filings in which the covered member is a party (or potential party) are excluded. Also, this coverage does not include garnishment, attachment or any other appeal. Your Provider Law Firm has the right to determine whether or not your claim or defense to a matter will prevail in court or is frivolous or without merit. This includes deciding whether or not to appeal any judgment or decision. Your Provider Law Firm also has the right to present your claim or defense according to their independent professional judgment. Pre-Paid Legal will not influence or attempt to modify how your Provider Law Firm provides their professional services.
IRS Audit Legal Services: Does not cover business tax returns, garnishment, attachment or any other appeal, class actions, interventions or amicus curiae filings, charges of tax fraud or income tax evasions, Trust returns, payroll and information returns, partnerships, corporation returns or portions thereof that are included in the member's tax returns, pre-existing conditions - where member has been notified by the IRS prior to enrollment, and services rendered by an enrolled agent. Coverage includes the return due on April 15th of the first membership year.
Preferred Member Discount: Depending on your legal needs, a retainer may be required by your Provider Law Firm prior to services being rendered under this discount. Your Provider Law Firm is responsible for determining the amount of the retainer and any other anticipated costs. Other costs you may incur include fines, court costs, penalties, expert witness fees, bonds, bail bonds, and any out-of-pocket expenses. These costs are your responsibility and are not included as part of membership benefits. Your Provider Law Firm cannot provide any legal services until payment of the retainer and other costs have been made. If you need representation in court, you must notify your Provider Law Firm at least five business days in advance so they may prepare for your case.
Legal Shield: Most law enforcement officers are conscientious and are devoted to protecting your rights rather than abusing them. If you are stopped or detained by a law enforcement or police officer, we suggest taking the following precautions:
  • If asked, give the officer your name, address, Social Security number, and destination in a cooperative way.
  • Present your Legal Shield card in a respectful and courteous manner.
  • If you are arrested or detained, call the 24-hour, toll-free number on your Legal Shield card.
The Legal Shield service will not apply if the member:
  • Is alleged to be under the influence of or impaired by alcohol, intoxicants, controlled substances, chemicals or medicines, whether prescribed or not;
  • Is alleged to be involved with domestic violence or stalking;
  • Is being detained for outstanding warrants; or
  • Needs assistance in making, posting, or obtaining bond, bail or other security required for release.
The telephone access provided by this benefit is subject to conditions imposed by the detaining authority, which may prevent a provider attorney from communicating with the covered person on an immediate basis.

Investment:  $24/month (plus a $10 enrollment fee charged with the first month membership fee)


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